Hi Yogis, it has been way too long since I have sent out a newsletter or checked in with our community. The year so far has offered me many unexpected life changes.  I am fortunate and eternally grateful to experience some of the knowledge and wisdom Yoga offers, as well as the opportunities and ability to take Yoga off the mat into my life.  Yoga and meditation are TRULY transformative practices.

In class yesterday, we had a discussion about how yoga works.  We came to the simple yet profound answer PRACTICE.  How we define practice and how our yoga shows up in our lives is individual to each of us.  However, there is no question or doubt… in order for it to translate into our lives, we must practice.

Because I have witnessed it in my life and the lives of my students, I truly believe  we can brighten our world through the transformative practice of yoga…one yogi at a time. Where we practice, when we practice, how we practice are choices we all make based on our needs. However, if we want our yoga to work, we need to make our practice a priority.  We are fortunate at this time and place in our city to have “yoga abundance” i.e. great studios and teachers available to us.  So…put your feet on your mat or your butt on your cushion and PRACTICE! Profoundly simple!

For those of you who are not aware, I completed my 500hr teacher training program with my amazing and inspiring teacher Rolf Gates.  If you have attended my classes, you have often heard me refer to Rolf or read from his book Meditations From the Mat. If you are not familiar with  Rolf’s work or philosophy, I would encourage you to visit his website or take a moment to pick up his book.  There are copies at the studio for you to peruse.  Among the many gifts I received from the training was a meditation practice.  Rolf encouraged us to share our practice with our community.  Maureen continues to offer her free seated meditation after her Vinyasa class the last Thursday of each month.  Additionally she is offering a monthly 2 hour master class the last Wed of each month.  For more details, contact the studio.

We want to offer more opportunities for group seated mediation and are asking you to give us feedback.  If this is something you would be interested in attending, let us know along with a time that would work best in your schedule.  We will gather this information and come up with a plan.  So please take a moment to consider and respond… then Stay tuned!

We also would like to hear from you with your thoughts about an outdoor practice while the weather is still temperate. When our studio was in Reynolda Village we offered the outdoor class weekly.  It will take a bit more planning, but is definitely doable.  Let me know if you are in! We are considering Saturday mornings 8am in Hanes Park.

Please note some class schedule changes.

Beginning Monday April 22nd Elliott will be teaching the Monday Vigorous-all level class 6-7pm. With Elliott’s guidance and ability to offer  individual modifications, this class will be suitable to all.

Starting in May we will continue to offer 6am class option Tues/Thurs w Elliott and adding a Friday 6am All level Flow w Bonnie.  The Monday/Wednesday classes will be off the schedule for now.  Note the time changes in Tues/Thurs morning classes.  All morning classes now start at 9am.  For the full class schedule check our schedule page. Remember we offer daily class reminders both on the home page of the website and on our Village Yoga Facebook page so be sure to like us.

As always we appreciate hearing FROM YOU with any suggestions or feedback you have to offer.  Village Yoga is YOUR studio.  Again please take a moment to respond with your thoughts regarding our meditation and outdoor classes.

I am unable to articulate  through words the depth of my gratitude and love for our community and the transformative practice of yoga so will simply say thank you.


Remember the posture never ends!











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