CLASS DESCRIPTIONS. Please note all classes are open to students at any level in their practice.  We use these descriptions as  guidelines, recommendations and references for our students to decide which class best suits them.  It is our intention at the studio to offer a safe welcoming space to practice yoga asana. Clear instructions, both verbal and hands on will help assist students to discover the practice which best suit their individual needs. Please feel free to contact us if you need help in deciding which class may be best for you.

  • Power Flow Yoga—Classes consist of 60 or 75 minutes of Flow Yoga. The physical postures are offered in a flowing style  where we link deep breathe with movement. We combine both standing and seated movements and may include advanced postures such as inversions, arm balances, deep back bends and more. This class will tone and sculpt the muscles of the body and challenge the mind!
    Classes end with a time for relaxation. To be successful in this class physical fitness and some yoga experience is recommended.
  • Vigorous Vinyasa Flow—Come with an open mind and heart ready to experience 60 or 75 minutes of various postures, both standing and seated. The postures are linked with sun
    salutation, again as in all classes, we will access the breath to fully experience our practice. Modifications are offered to help make class accessible to students of all levels.
  • Gentle Flow Yoga—The gentle class offers 60 or 75 minutes of postures more focused on flexibility while still combining an element of strength.  Beginner friendly emphasis is on using breath to move with the postures, and some elements of flow are incorporated. The class ends with a time for guided relaxation.
  • Yogi’s Choice—60 minutes of yoga POT LUCK at noon. $10 bargain fee! Join us for a variety of postures.  You never know what you may discover on the yoga blue plate special.
  • Mindful All level Flow— A 75 minute Vinyasa Flow Class mindfully moving ~not too fast-or too slow~allowing students time to coordinate movement with breath. We will stretch to increase flexibility; stand, balance and hold poses to improve strength; ending with deep relaxation. Use of pranayama and creative sequencing of asanas to cultivate strength and flexibility while heightening mind/body awareness. Arrive with an open heart and mind, leave feeling both energized and relaxed ready to embrace the rest of your day.
  • Moderate/All Level Flow Yoga—a little more challenging  than Gentle and not quite as challenging as Vigorous or Power Yoga. The teacher is skilled to offer modifications to meet practitioners where they are in their practice.
  • Deep Slow Flow – Join Maureen for this 75 minute class consisting of meditative posture flow designed for every BODY.  This class will be adapted to all levels of yoga practice.  A deep slow vinyasa flow practice that will lead to the final 10 minutes of resting pose.  Come for the movement, stay for the stillness.
  • Alignment Based Hatha Flow– Jeremy’s Sunday 4pm Hatha Flow class is a moderate flow class focusing on alignment of mind and body through breath awareness. Easing tension gives joints mobility, anatomical self alignment leads to flexibility. Stability is cultivated through patient and persistent practice. Poses are held long enough to offer exploration and modification to allow for all levels of practitioners to benefit.
  • Yoga Align and Shine! —A 6am yoga class will focus mainly on correct alignment techniques. With the postures taught  in a step by step process, you are given opportunities to assess your condition and stay within the proper level that best suits your development.
  • Yoga Basics:   Sue teaches this beginner friendly evening class.  A great class to start your yoga journey or if you’re already on the path… a reminder we are all basically beginners.
  • Foundations of Yoga and Beyond! -Join Maureen every Friday at 10:30am to experience strong stable and easeful foundations in your yoga postures which will translate to the same in life. This class is specifically designed to reinforce the foundations of your yoga postures so you can move safely with confidence and knowledge into more complex variations and advanced postures. This class is accessible to all levels of students
  •  The MELT method-The MELT Method- w licensed therapeutic massage therapist and MELT Method certified instructor Marti Macon. In this class, you will use a soft foam MELT Body Roller and small, soft Hand and Foot treatment balls to rehydrate the connective tissue in your entire body for greater mobility and ease of movement. Using techniques designed to safely and effectively decompress your neck and low back, you will experience immediate changes in alignment, balance, and stability. The ultimate goal of the MELT Method is to improve your body’s ability to restore balance in the nervous system and rehydrate the connective tissue, which can, over time, create remarkable and lasting changes. Students often say they sleep better at night, have decreased pain, move with more ease, and generally feel great after MELTing!
  • Restorative Yoga-In truth, restorative yoga is simply that – restorative. It is the centering of your breath and body – aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. The props we use assist in helping hold postures longer. Therapeutic and relaxing but not necessarily easy.
  • Vinyasa and Philosophy – This 75 minute Sunday morning class combines Yoga Philosophy and a Mindful Flow.  After a brief talk about an aspect of yoga philosophy, the physical practice moves slowly with the breath allowing the practice to become a moving meditation.
    Class will include warm ups and a few sun salutes w standing poses and balance; backbends, forward bends, an inversion and twists. Variations/modifications will be offered to allow a truly all level class. Class will include a lengthy shavasana and/or a meditation focusing on breathwork.
  • Conscious Flow is a toned down yoga flow with more attention given to poses that are therapeutic and nourishing. This is a slower paced foundational practice that emphasizes healthy alignment principles, breath awareness, relaxation and simple and simple meditation techniques
  • Friday Flow into the Weekend
    Use your current class card or drop-in fee of $18

    Join Karen Ward-Kaplan E-RYT 1000, IAYT for a yoga flow that celebrates your week’s accomplishments and prepares you to be present for each moment of your weekend. Karen’s style is know as Kore Flow. Kore Flow demands a mental as well as physical focus that builds Kore strength (Inner Groin, Abdominal, Side Body) and increases whole body agility and vigor. Pranayama (breathwork) and asana are practiced together to open students to the possibilities available to them both on and off the mat. Karen uses hands-on adjustments, anatomy focused cueing and varied sequencing in her classes to create a sense of Sahadna. NO two classes are alike, but each class will enliven your mind to the present and lift your Spirit.
  • Private, semi-private, small group or corporate classes are available. Contact Bonnie for more information on these classes.

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