Lauren Sorel was introduced to yoga as a teenager going to community classes in Kernersville with her mother. Over the next several years her practice was sporadic at multiple studios and spaces throughout North Carolina. A lower back injury in 2009 forced Lauren to evaluate how she treated her body. Mindfulness and ahimsa, not harming oneself, became an important part of her yoga practice.

In 2010 she began deepening her practice when she moved to Wilmington and got her yoga certification at the Wilmington Yoga Center. Traveling to Nepal and Bali in 2012 she learned to take a less Western approach to traditional yoga classes.
She has studied predominantly vinyasa flow yoga, but also likes to incorporate restorative postures as well.

The latest journey Lauren has embarked on is becoming a mom in 2016. Her son, Sam, is the best reminder that change is constant. On and off the mat.