Cristin is a clinical psychologist, shamanic healer and yoga teacher.  In her private practice, she guides clients in the experience of joyful, embodied living through the alchemy of these three disciplines.

Cristin brings this same intention to the practice and teaching of yoga.  She believes that yoga, meditation and breath practices allow us to root deeply with the source of creation and vitality that is both within and that surrounds us.  Her classes combine simple postures with connection to breath leading students into the full dwelling of their physical, emotional and energy bodies.

In her yogic training, Cristin has focused on the emotional-therapeutic aspects of yoga.  In 2013 she completed the training, Yoga and Mindfulness Therapy: Mind-Brain Change for Anxiety, Moods, Trauma and Substance Abuse with Annelle Simpkins, Phd and Alex Simpkins, PhD.  Also in 2013, she earned a certificate in Yoga of Recovery for Counselors and Teachers with Durga Lela at the Satchidananda Ashram.  She received her 250 hour Yoga Teaching Certificate from Asheville Community Yoga in 2014 and in 2015 she completed the Prison Yoga Project Certificate Program with Jamie Fox for teaching yoga to people impacted by trauma and addiction.