I grew up the middle of five children in the Midwest and excelled at multiple sports in my youth.  Currently work in International Corporate Travel. William and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage this year.  I take delight in being a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and yoga teacher. I started my yoga journey in 2011, McKinney, TX, being invited by a friend to try a new hobby.  Devoted from the moment I closed my eyes and discovered my breath.  I consider myself awakened.  Awakened to the possibility of becoming more of my authentic self, serving my yoga community, trusting the journey of life, embracing adventure, and being in the present moment with family and friends.  I honor the whole of me; body, mind and spirit and hope to encourage others to do the same. In gratitude for my practice, the teachings of breathe and movement, sinking into the heart and knowing it leads the way.  I believe god gave me this practice as a gift, to self and sharing with others.  Namaste.