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In 2008, Tony Parra received a BFA from New School University in New York City for Jazz Performance/Drumset. After practicing yogic meditation techniques in depth for 6 years, Tony’s first asana class was on a beach in the Florida Keys while on his honeymoon in 2010! Upon returning to his home in NYC, he was pleased to discover countless opportunities to practice yoga at the most prestigious studios with great teachers and yogis.

After experiencing the benefits that many hours of daily practice can bring, he decided to seek out a certification program, thus finding himself in a small town of India named Rishikesh, known for its yogic masters and mystical location amongst the sacred Ganges River and the Himalaya mountains. Tony keeps the integrity and tradition of an ancient yoga style alive, yet remains open to complimentary modern techniques that he has found to be effective. Through his teaching, Tony intends to increase the health, wealth, and awareness of all his students. Tony is consistently in a state of growth and inspires others to do so as well. Join him in this enlightening experience! Join him in the Joy of Yoga!